Author: Louis Lau

Executive Director and Head of Group Strategy & Monitoring.

Plastic injection moulding: Housing, cover & enclosures

Product finishing signifies end-product quality

First impression counts. Vanity of all vanities, our customers tell us that having good product finishing helps them sell better. There is no doubt that good looking products improves branding and product placement in stores. We have over the past 30 years been involved in the manufacturing many high-end housing, cover and enclosures which includes (but not limited to):

  • Home audio covers, which are high-gloss mirror finished;
  • Sound bars front and back enclosure, which made from a variety of resins, including glass fiber filled (up to 30%!), V0 (or flame-retardant) and hairline-texture;
  • Headphone housing units including parts which are 50% glass-filled;
  • Transparent high optical grade covers;
  • External hard-disk drive enclosures which are high-gloss with hot-stamping finishing;
  • Spray-painted finishing including 2K paint (two coat) paint for high-end fans.
  • Other finishes like temp printing, silk screening, hot stamping or hot foil.

Of course, not all housing, cover and enclosures are appearance based, we have also made a variety of products which more critical on dimensions and durability than appearance, for example:

  • Printer cartridges and covers;
  • Industrial grade, high-impact, Nylon wheels.

Experience and quality in appearance

Consumers want products that not looks good but is durable as well. For product owners, having products which are of good quality and meets all functional requirements is essential and has high correlation to the success of a product. We have years of experience in helping our customers make sure that their products become a success when they launch and continue to be successful in years to come and subsequent products.

We have developed internal quality check mechanism to ensure that quality standards are met before products are shipped out.

Precision engineering plastic

Manufacturing quality products is not just having injection moulding machines and resins put together. Many other aspects is important: having a good set of tooling, strong production processes, experienced team, the right equipments, and most importantly, good management systems which put them all together.

Why manufacture your housing, cover & enclosure with Ge-Shen?

  • We manufacture all your products according to good manufacturing standards (ie. ISO 9001).
  • Medical manufacturing / medical moulding and clean room moulding according to ISO 13485 standards.
  • For moulds manufactured by us, we conduct thorough Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and/or if you provide the moulds to us maintained in tip-top condition to ensure consistent quality.
  • RoHs and Reach-compliant

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Considering manufacturing in Vietnam? We offer some tips for contract manufacturing in Vietnam

Much has been spoken about manufacturing in Vietnam, especially after the recent trade tensions between China & US. Many businesses around the world has started looking for secondary supply chain sourcing other than China.

But WHY Vietnam? Being in Vietnam for the past 13 years +, we share our experiences and thoughts on Vietnam as a manufacturing hub. Whether you are looking to set up a manufacturing hub, sourcing office or a contract manufacturer – we hope our share of experiences can help you!

1. Labour force

The state of manufacturing in Vietnam today closely parallels that of China a decade ago. Competitive wages and the availability of mid-skill labour are highly attractive for production activities with huge labour requirements. As China moves further up the value chain in manufacturing, Vietnam is well-poised to attract more MNCs. Vietnam’s proximity to China also makes it easier to integrate into existing supply chains.

The government has taken steps to increase vocational and technical training to ensure the people fit in a competitive labour market. In March 2018, the government introduced Decree No. 49/2018/ND-CP that provides for the accreditation of vocational education. As of February 2018, there are more than 1,900 vocational training centers across Vietnam, including 395 colleges and 545 vocational schools. The government aims to provide vocational training to 2.2 million people in 2018.

Nevertheless, be prepared to continue human capital development by providing training to the workforce – this strategy is by far the best way to attract and retain the best talents in the industry. Wage inflation is real and expect poaching from competition. Therefore, a structured approach to human capital development is necessary.

2. Incentives & Encouragement for foreign investor by Vietnam Government

Vietnamese government continues to improve business conditions through reform and have included tax incentives in recent legislative updates – most notably Vietnam’s Law on Investment – to lower the cost of doing business within the country. Foreign investors, particularly those involved in slightly higher value-add production, should be able to use incentives to offset their temporary costs until regulatory reforms take hold, and to position themselves ahead of their competitors in the years ahead.

Vietnam extends investment incentives to a number of industries and projects that it has identified to be of strategic importance for the country. Vietnamese policy in recent years has broadly promoted projects in high tech industries, large capital, or labor-intensive investments, and projects that are expected to have a tangible impact on social conditions, such as education or healthcare.

Vietnam has encouraged the establishment of economic zones throughout the country. These zones provide increased access to infrastructure, pools of talent, and networks of suppliers. Foreign investors in these zones also benefit from tax incentives extended by the Vietnamese government.

Most economic zones will qualify an investor for tax holiday incentives. In limited cases, where the zone is located in a disadvantaged area, a preferential rate of corporate income tax will also apply. Foreign investors must set up their operations inside of a zone that offers incentives in order to qualify for preferential treatment or tax holidays.

We recommend getting the best advise from a reputable advisory firm – especially in matters relating to legal set up, tax and customs as the regulation may differ significantly with your home country. Compliance is extremely important and a compliance-based mindset should be deployed while making decisions in Vietnam.

3. Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)

Vietnam has a range of free trade agreements (FTAs) in place, and is in the process of negotiating and ratifying more. Notable ones include the Vietnam-European Union FTA and the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership. Manufacturers which venture into Vietnam will enjoy low tariffs, boosting their exports to top markets such as the EU, US, Japan and Australia – an advantage which cements Vietnam’s position as a rising manufacturing hub.

On 30th June 2019, The European Union signed a landmark free trade deal with Vietnam on Sunday, the first of its kind with a developing country in Asia, paving the way for tariff reductions on 99% of goods between the trading bloc and the Southeast Asian country.

Vietnamese exports will be freely accessible to many of the world’s largest markets with few tariffs or restrictions.

The agreement will boost Vietnam’s gross domestic product by 2.18%-3.25% annually by 2023 and by 4.57%-5.30% annually between 2024-2028, the government said.

4. Location for supply chain network

Located in the heart of South East Asia and along the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, Vietnam offers numerous advantages in providing access to the world’s major trade routes. Vietnam is well connected to existing consumer and manufacturing hubs in Asia (China, Taiwan, Thailand & Malaysia). This makes it attractive for manufacturers to integrate Vietnam into its existing supply chains. For example, Samsung has established a strong presence in Vietnam’s Bac Ninh and Thai Nguyen provinces for their proximity to its 13 plants and seven research laboratories in China. With the upcoming ratification of various trade agreements, manufacturers will also be keen to tap Vietnam’s export quotas.

5. Communication

The national language is Vietnamese, which is widely spoken throughout the country by all ethnic groups. More than 90% of the Vietnamese population aged 15 and older is literate, as a result of the Government’s continued efforts to prioritise development of a quality training and educational system.

English is the most popular foreign language and is commonly used in major urban areas. English study is obligatory in most schools. Other common foreign languages are French, Chinese and Japanese. Communication with local staff will still be largely require the Vietnamese language.

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Ge-Shen Corporation wins “Export Excellence Award”

Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad has been honored with the award of “Export Excellence Awards 2019” in the Electrical & Electronics (Mid-tier) segment. This recognition was organized by The Star Media Group, Malaysia’s leading publication in partnership with Standard Chartered.

“We are humbled by the recognition bestowed upon us and we take this as a motivation to continue providing top quality products to our customers and continuously improving our services to provide innovative manufacturing solutions to our customer. We would like to thank all our valued customers for their continuous support and our entire Ge-Shen team for their effort in making this happen”

Ge-Shen Corporation

The Export Excellence Award is presented to top exporting companies based on the industries in which they operate in. Specifically in the Electrical & Electronics segment, it is recognizes outstanding international success in the field of production and exporting consumer or industrial electrical & electronic products, parts or components.

Star Media Group in partnership with Standard Chartered launched the inaugural Export Excellence Awards 2019, with PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd as co-sponsor and Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation as patron.

Looking for graduates from the Mechatronics discipline to join us!

We are looking for graduates from the Mechatronics discipline to join us. The job location will be in Johor.

As part of our continuous improvement strategy, we are opening several positions for candidates to be part of a transformation team that is involved in various aspects of the our manufacturing operations, including (but not limited to) injection moulding technician, engineering and automation. You will be guided by experienced seniors with combined experience in excess of hundred years and you will be guaranteed a career full of excitement.

If you are interested, kindly do the following:

  1. Complete this online quiz
  2. Email to us your CV or contact us here

Find out more what some of Our People say about working with us.

K2019 Aussteller Ge-Shen’s Erfolgsformel -Mitarbeiter

Mitarbeiter sind für Systemintegrator & Lösungsanbieter Ge-Shen die größte Ressource. Hochqualifiziert,engagiert, Garant für Kundenerfolg.

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Für den K2019 Aussteller, die Ge-Shen Corporation (die unter dem Namen Polyplas Sdn Bhd ausstellt), sind die Mitarbeiter die größte Ressource. Humankapital ist für Ge-Shen nicht nur ein leeres Wort, es ist der Kern ihres Geschäftsethos und wird beständig mit Leben erfüllt – im Tagesgeschäft, in jedem einzelnen internen Prozess, in jeder Geschäftstätigkeit, in jedem Projekt, das für die Kunden durchgeführt wird. Exzellenter Fertigungsservice für seine Kunden ist keine leichte Aufgabe – Ge-Shen bietet heute Dienstleistungen an, die von der frühen Phase einer Produktentwicklung – Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Werkzeug Design und Fertigung – bis hin zu den immer anspruchsvolleren Fertigungsdienstleistungen in den Bereichen Spritzguss, Metallfertigung und Montage reichen.

So glaubt Ge-Shen fest an eine ganzheitliche Entwicklung seiner Mitarbeiter. Das ist nicht nur graue Theorie, es ist genau die Art und Weise, wie Ge-Shen sein Business lebt. Ge-Shen ist bestrebt, jeden einzelnen Mitarbeiter hin zu seinem vollen Potenzial zu entwickeln. Im Mittelpunkt stehen die persönliche Entwicklung und das kontinuierliche, lebenslange Lernen. Ge-Shen strebt kompromisslos danach, eine Umgebung der Zusammenarbeit und des Zusammenhalts aufzubauen, in der die Mitarbeiter aus ihren Fehlern lernen sowie ihre Fähigkeiten und ihre Persönlichkeit entwickeln. Abgesehen von all den Unterschieden zwischen den individuellen Mitarbeitern überwiegt das große und gemeinsame Ziel, als Team und als Familie zusammenzuwachsen.

Ge-Shen lebt seine Kultur der Integrität, Transparenz, Eigenverantwortung, Schnelligkeit und Respekt. Als börsennotiertes Unternehmen, bei dem Corporate Governance- und Transparenzregeln sicherstellen, dass das Unternehmen nach einem regelbasierten System geführt wird, kann sich Ge-Shen ganz auf Wachstum und die Aufrechterhaltung seines Erfolgs sowie des Erfolgs seiner Kunden konzentrieren.

Diversität ist kein Ziel, sondern bereits Realität. Mitarbeiter aus verschiedenen Ethnien, verschiedenen Ländern, unterschiedlichen Bildungsniveaus und völlig unterschiedlicher Herkunft verfolgen das gemeinsame Ziel, zusammenzuwachsen und so den Kunden ein Höchstmaß an Qualität und 100%ige Kundenzufriedenheit zu bieten.

Ge-Shens Mitarbeiter – die Grundlage des Erfolgs – sind eifrige und lebenslang Lernende, die nach Wissen und Weisheit streben. Einzeln betrachtet, ganz normale Menschen; aber gemeinsam arbeiten sie selbstlos mit intrinsischer Motivation und natürlicher Einheit als Team. Sie sind innovativ in der Bereitstellung von Lösungen und zielen darauf ab, auch unter schwierigen Umständen und unter komplexen Bedingungen absolute Kundenzufriedenheit zu erzielen.

Daher ist Ge-Shen bestens vorbereitet und bereit, die Herausforderungen der modernen Fertigung erfolgreich zu meistern. Die Ge-Shen Corporation hat ihren Sitz in Südostasien mit Hauptsitz in Kuala Lumpur und drei Standorten in Penang, Johor und Hanoi in Malaysia und Vietnam. Das Unternehmen verfügt über ein globales Vertriebsbüro in Singapur – ein wahrhaft südostasiatisches Unternehmen, das weltweit modernste Lösungen anbietet.

Ge-Shen ist bereit, den steigenden Anforderungen des heutigen Business gerecht zu werden, indem es nicht nur in die Fertigungstechnologie investiert, sondern auch sein Programm zur digitalen Transformation erfolgreich gestartet hat. Ein großer Schwerpunkt wurde auf die Modernisierung des Backends gelegt, so dass das Unternehmen zu den Pionieren in der intelligenten Fertigung in der Region gehört.

Ob Kunststoff- oder Metallkomponenten, oder komplette Montageleistungen – lassen Sie die Ge-Shen Group Ihr Lösungsanbieter sein. 100%, 360 Grad, 24/7 – vertrauenswürdig, zertifiziert, innovativ, engagiert.

Besuchen Sie Ge-Shen auf der K 2019 in Halle 8b / H70 (Standname der Tochtergesellschaft POLYPLAS SDN. BHD)

K2019 exhibitor Ge-Shen’s formula for success – its people – providing excellent engineering / manufacturing service

People are Malaysia-based System Integrator and Solution Provider GeShen’s biggest resource. Highly skilled and committed, they ensure customers’ success.

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – For the exhibitor at K2019, Ge-Shen Corporation (exhibiting under the name Polyplas Sdn Bhd), its greatest resource is its people. Human capital is not just an empty word for Ge-Shen, it is the core of its business ethos and being constantly filled with life – in everyday business, in each and any internal process, in every business activity, in every project being undertaken for its customers. Providing excellent manufacturing service to its customers is no easy task – Ge-Shen today provides services ranging from the early stage of a product development – design for manufacturing (DFM), tooling design and fabrication, to the ever challenging manufacturing services in injection moulding, metal fabrication and assembly.

Thus, Ge-Shen believes in holistic development of its people. This is not just grey theory, it is how Ge-Shen lives business. Ge-Shen is committed to developing each employee to his/her full potential. The focus is on personal development and continuous learning. Ge-Shen uncompromisingly strives to build a collaborative environment where employees learn from their mistakes, develop their skills and their personality. Apart from all the differences – there is the greater and common goal that is to grow together as a team and as a family.

Ge-Shen lives its culture of integrity, transparency, ownership, speed and respect. As a publicly listed company where corporate governance and transparency requirements ensure that the company is managed on a rule-based system, Ge-Shen is able to focus on growth and maintaining its success as well as that of its customers.

Diversity is not a goal, but already reality. Employees from different races, different countries, different levels of education and totally different backgrounds all join in the common goal, of growing together and thus giving customers the highest level of quality and providing 100% customer satisfaction.

Ge-Shen’s people – the foundation of its manufacturing success, are eager and life-long learners, striving for knowledge and wisdom. Individually, normal people, but together, they work selflessly with intrinsic motivation and natural unity as a team. They are innovative in providing solutions, aiming to provide total customer satisfaction even under difficult circumstances and challenging conditions.

Therefore Ge-Shen is well-prepared and ready to master the challenges of manufacturing successfully. Ge-Shen Corporation is located in Southeast Asia with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, with three locations in Penang, Johor and Hanoi in Malaysia and Vietnam. It has a global sales office in Singapore – a truly Southeast Asian company, offering state-of-the art solutions on a global scale.

Ge-Shen is ready to meet the increasing demands of today’s business by not only investing in manufacturing technology – it has successfully launched its Digital Transformation Programme. A lot of focus has been put on modernizing its back-end making it pioneers in smart manufacturing in the region.

Be it plastic or metal components, or complete assembly services, – let Ge-Shen Group be YOUR Solution Provider. 100%, 360 degrees, 24/7 – trusted, certified, innovative, committed.

Visit us at K 2019 in Hall 8b / H70 (booth name of subsidiary POLYPLAS SDN. BHD)

Having problems with your part?

You may have your ideas designed in 3D, or have your tools ready for manufacturing but have challenges manufacturing them. Transforming a product from design to physical part isn’t easy: we focus on bringing our customers’ ideas to life by combining experiences from different fields to ensure that you get well-engineered manufacturing solutions and a smooth delivery of products to the marketplace.

We have core capabilities in both plastic and metal components – solving all your mechanical problems. We can help you in various ways.

Design for manufacturing

At the DFM stage, we aim to help you resolve as much problem as possible: by analysis and prediction of these problems via experience and advanced simulation. Click here to find out more.

Transfer of toolings / moulds

If you have an existing part which needs help: we accept transfer of toolings and moulds from other source. We will work with your team and fix whatever issues that you are facing by repairing or modifying any issues. Click here to find out more.

Prototyping and testing

Have a product which you would like to have proof-of-concept of? We have helped our customers with working prototypes via soft tooling and sheet metal processes. We have a suite of testing equipment which can help you conduct tests.

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Trade dispute and Shifting to a Southeast Asia Manufacturing base

The whole world is watching as the US and China confront each other on the issues of trade and tariffs and companies shifting their manufacturing base to Southeast Asia. In March 2018, the United States began making moves to slow Chinese imports by placing tariffs on certain goods made in China and other countries.

Then, on July 6, 2018, the US began to collect a 25% tariff on 818 Chinese products with a value of US $34 billion, the first tariffs specific to China. The second round of tariffs, which would place a 25% tariff on 284 Chinese products valued at US $16 billion was already under consideration.

Since that time, the two countries have gone back-and-forth between raising tariffs and negotiating. This uncertainty has led to many manufacturers moving their operations either entirely or partially out of China.

However, tariffs and the looming trade war are not the only cause of this migration. Many businesses were already looking for alternatives, as the cost of doing business in China has increased. Chinese minimum wages have gone up, and China has begun to address its many environmental concerns contributing significantly to the rising cost of doing business in China.

Many companies have already made their move out of China. Internal data from QIMA shows demands from US companies for inspections and audits at Chinese facilities fell by 12.7% in 2019 compared to 2018.

Countries in Southeast Asia had increased requests for inspections; Vietnam, for instance, had a 21% increase the same timeframe. Overall, South Asia had a 34% increase in the demand for inspections and audits in the first half of 2019

The midyear survey performed by QIMA shows that 80% of the US and 67% of EU respondents are already sourcing via different countries, or planning to do so soon.

What are the options?

There are many choices to make when relocating your business from China. Some companies will leave China entirely, moving their complete operation, including raw materials and inventory. Other companies may find value in moving only a portion of their process to avoid tariffs.

Whichever the case, there are still more decisions to make in regards to which is the best solution for your company.

Stability, a friendly business environment, sufficient labor force, infrastructure, and logistical support are some of the critical considerations when anticipating such a move. Following that decision, facilities may need to be built, and workers will need to be hired and trained. Each country has different requirements and incentives.

Restarting a business in a new country can be quite time-consuming and costly.

Moving your operations to a new country means there will be new rules. Not only are laws and regulations different, but legal systems, language, and culture will also be different as well. Many brand owners and manufacturers have considered shifting their manufacturing lines to Southeast Asia. However, Southeast Asia is quite diverse. For instance, in Southeast Asia, each country has its language and culture.

Malaysia is a multicultural nation where many languages, such as English, Malay, and Mandarin, are spoken. The Malaysian legal system is based on British common law. In 2018 Malaysian exports reached an all-time high of about US $250 billion.

Vietnam is a more homogenous than a country like Malaysia. The legal system there is based on French civil law along with their communist ideology. According to Trading Economics, Vietnam has doubled its exports in recent years due primarily to the low cost of doing business there, including wages. In 2018, export revenues were up by 13.8% and estimated to be at US $244.72 billion.


Another issue that may arise when working with new suppliers and new workforces is quality. This questionable quality is a real concern. Many companies have experienced these problems when working with a new supplier. You will want to find a company with a stable and well-trained workforce, which will be key to your success when relocating to a new country and working with new suppliers.

As mentioned earlier, it takes some time to negotiate and set up a new enterprise in a different country. As more and more businesses move their facilities out of China, it may take even longer for you to line up all the resources you will need.

Planning always pays big dividends, and this is no exception.

Shifting your manufacturing to Southeast Asia

Waiting for the right time can put your profits and even your company in peril. Don’t get caught with decreasing orders due to tariffs. Stay on top of the situation; find a reputable company which is already a part of the global supply chain.

One such company is Ge-Shen, incorporated in 2003, with headquarters in the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur with factories in 3 locations: Penang, Johor and Hanoi – a Southeast Asian contract manufacturer.

Southeast Asia manufacturing base
Penang, Johor, Hanoi: Ge-Shen’s manufacturing base plus Kuala Lumpur and Singapore for offices.

Ge-Shen has a workforce of over 1500 well-trained employees. With four factories with over 550,000 sqft of manufacturing space. Ge-Shen has the resources to make your transition seamless, swift, and professional.

With capabilities such as injection molding, metal stamping, surface finishing, assembly and more, Ge-Shen provides services to a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, automotive, home appliances, and medical devices, to name just a few.

Ge-Shen is continually adding to its capabilities and innovating to keep pace with new technologies and design as the marketplace evolves.

The philosophy at Ge-Shen is one of integrity, transparency, ownership, respect, and speed; and to provide their clients with a “hassle free uncompromised experience.” Ge-shen accepts transfer of molds from various locations which can help with the quick shifting of your manufacturing lines to our Southeast Asia base.

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Machen Sie sich bereit für die Zukunft mit Ge-Shen – Industrie 4.0 – auf die Ge-Shen Art

Der in Malaysia ansässige Auftragsfertiger und Lösungsanbieter ist auf die Herausforderungen der Industrie 4.0 vorbereitet – sei es in seinen internen Prozessen und zum Nutzen seiner großen Kundenbasis.

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Industrie 4.0 ist zweifellos der Megatrend, der überall für Aufsehen sorgt – die bisherige Art Geschäfte zu tätigen hat sich in den letzten 10 Jahren stark verändert und wird dies auch weiterhin tun. Auch wenn die Industrie 4.0 noch gewissermaßen „in den Kinderschuhen steckt“ werden sich Volkswirtschaften und Unternehmen grundlegend verändern, da datengetriebene, KI-gestützte, vernetzte “intelligente Fabriken” zum “neuen Normalfall” werden. Der Übergang von Fertigungsprozessen und -technologien wird zur sogenannten vierten industriellen Revolution führen.

Ge-Shen ist bestens vorbereitet und bereit, diese Herausforderungen erfolgreich zu meistern. Die Ge-Shen Corporation hat ihren Sitz in Südostasien mit Hauptsitz in Kuala Lumpur und drei Standorten in Penang, Johor und Hanoi in Malaysia und Vietnam. Das Unternehmen verfügt über ein globales Vertriebsbüro in Singapur – ein wahrhaft südostasiatisches Unternehmen, das weltweit modernste Lösungen anbietet.

Ge-Shen erkannte frühzeitig, dass die traditionelle Art der Fertigung in den kommenden Jahren an Bedeutung verlieren wird. In der Industrie 4.0 dreht sich alles um Daten und wie diese Daten miteinander verknüpft werden, um sekundengenaue Entscheidungen zu treffen. Die immer weiter verbreitete Nutzung von Daten für die Analyse und Vorhersage ist eng mit entsprechend steigenden Kundenerwartungen verbunden – Erwartungen, die Ge-Shen bestens erfüllen und sogar übertreffen kann.

Da die Produktlebenszyklen deutlich kürzer werden, halten Modelle, Produktversionen und Varianten nicht mehr 3-5 Jahre, sondern lediglich 1-2 Jahre. Der Misserfolg eines Produkts kann innerhalb von wenigen Monaten nach der Einführung dieses neuen Produkts festgestellt werden. Erfolg und Misserfolg von Produkten hängen somit von guten Produktdesigns ab, die auf dem Markt auch akzeptiert werden.

Damit wird die Markteinführungszeit, d.h. die Zeitspanne der Einführung neuer Produkte vom Design bis zur Markteinführung, immer kürzer – waren es früher 90 Tage Durchlaufzeit, sind es heute 45 Tage, was früher 45 Tage waren, sind heute 25 Tage. Prompte Reaktionsfähigkeit und schnelle Werkzeugentwicklung ist zur “neuen Normalität” geworden. Just in Time wird in der Fertigung immer wichtiger – die Kunden wollen keinen großen Haftungsrückstand, gleichzeitig verkürzen sich auch die Anlaufzeiten deutlich. Die Qualitätsansprüche bleiben konstant hoch, doch das Qualitätsmanagement wird immer schärfer, da sich die Prozesse mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit bewegen. Das Management des Produktionsprozesses über Daten und Prozesse wird zum entscheidenden Faktor.

Ge-Shen ist auf diese Herausforderungen bestens vorbereitet. Neben der ständigen Anpassung an die Fertigungstechnologie durch Investitionen in moderne Maschinen und neue Verfahren wie Flüssigsilikonkautschukspritzguss und Reinraum-Spritzguss, um den Qualitätsstandard und den neuesten Stand der Technik aufrechtzuerhalten, investiert Ge-Shen generell stark, um den Anforderungen der Industrie 4.0 zu entsprechen.

Ge-Shen ist bereit, sich diesen steigenden Anforderungen durch Investitionen in Technologie zu stellen – es hat erfolgreich sein Programm zur digitalen Transformation gestartet. Darüber hinaus wurde viel Wert auf die Modernisierung des Backends gelegt. Ge-Shen bildet seine Mitarbeiter ständig weiter – um alle Ge-Shen-Mitarbeiter auf die Zukunft vorzubereiten. Ge-Shen hat ein Programm zur Modernisierung seines ERP gestartet und führt ein MES ein, Standort für Standort. Das Ergebnis – datengesteuerte Entscheidungsfindung in Echtzeit in naher Zukunft.

Ob Kunststoffkomponenten oder Metallkomponenten, ob Montageleistungen mit zusätzlichen Anforderungen an das Supply Chain Management – lassen Sie die Ge-Shen Group IHR Lösungsanbieter sein. 100%, 360 Grad, 24/7 – vertrauenswürdig, zertifiziert, innovativ, engagiert. Lassen Sie uns Ihnen zeigen, wie wir Sie bei der Herstellung Ihres Produkts unterstützen können, während wir die Industrie 4.0 leben.

Besuchen Sie uns auf der K 2019 in Halle 8b / H70 (Standname der Tochtergesellschaft POLYPLAS SDN. BHD).

Get Ready for the Future with Ge-Shen – Industry 4.0 – the Ge-Shen Way

Malaysia based Contract Manufacturer & Solutions Provider all set for challenges of Industry 4.0 – in internal processes and for benefit of large customer base

[Klicken sie hier für die deutsche version]

Industry 4.0 is undoubtedly the megatrend causing disruption everywhere – the traditional ways of doing business have changed significantly over the last 10 years and will continue to do so. Whilst still at the dawn of the Industry 4.0 age, economies and businesses will undergo fundamental change as data-driven, AI-powered, networked “smart factories” become the “new norm”. The transition of manufacturing processes and technologies will lead to the so-called fourth industrial revolution.

Ge-Shen is well-prepared and ready to master these challenges successfully. Ge-Shen Corporation is located in southeast Asia with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, and with three locations in Penang, Johor and Hanoi in Malaysia and Vietnam. It has a global sales office in Singapore – a truly southeast Asian company, offering state-of-the art solutions on a global scale.

Ge-Shen recognised early on that the traditional way of manufacturing may become less relevant in coming years. Industry 4.0 is all about data and how this data links together to make second-by-second decisions. Ever increasing widespread use of data for analysis and prediction is closely linked to rising customer expectations – expectations which Ge-Shen is well prepared to meet and to surpass.

As product lifecycles become distinctly shorter, models, product versions and variants no longer last 3-5 years, but now rather between one and two years. The failure of a product can be seen within months of the new product introduction. Success and failure of products really depend on good product designs which are well accepted in the market.

Time to market, i.e. time span for new product introduction from design to market is therefore becoming increasingly shorter – what used to be 90 days lead time tends to be now 45 days, what used to be 45 days has shortened to now just 25 days. Rapid response and quick tooling development has become the “new norm”. Just-in-time manufacturing is becoming increasingly important – customers do not want to have a huge backlog of liability, – simultaneously ramp-up times also decrease markedly. Quality expectations remain constantly high, however quality management becomes tougher as things move at lighting pace. Production process management via data and the process itself becomes the crucial factor.

Ge-Shen is well prepared for these challenges. Apart from constantly keeping pace in terms of manufacturing technology by investing in newer machines and new capabilities such as liquid silicone rubber injection moulding and clean room injection moulding, thus going the extra mile to maintain its high-quality standards and state-of-the-art technology, Ge-Shen is also heavily investing to meet the requirements of industry 4.0.

Ge-Shen is ready to meet these increasing demands by investing in technology – it has successfully launched its Digital Transformation Programme. Furthermore, a lot of focus has been put on modernizing the backend. Ge-Shen is constantly providing training to its workforce – to prepare the whole Ge-Shen Staff to embrace the future. Ge-Shen has started a programme to modernize its ERP and is introducing a MES, site by site. Result – real time data-driven decision making in the near future.

Be it just plastic or metal components, or assembly services with the added requirement of supply chain management – let Ge-Shen Group be YOUR Solution Provider. 100%, 360 degrees, 24/7 – trusted, certified, innovative, committed. Let us show you how we can help you manufacture your product as we embrace Industry 4.0.

Visit us at K 2019 in Hall 8b / H70 (booth name of subsidiary POLYPLAS SDN. BHD)