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We at Ge-Shen Group see ourselves as part of the global supply chain for various industries.

In positioning ourselves as part of the overall global supply chain, we see benefits in being represented in more than just one capability. We continue to look for additional capabilities and want to position ourselves as a comprehensive engineering services and component manufacturing group.


We strive hard in achieving total customer satisfaction through manufacturing high quality products on-time, constantly improving business processes through strong mindset and meeting standards of quality.

We reflect highest ethical standards in our relationships with customers, employees, factories and stakeholders.

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About Us

Incorporated in 2003, Ge-Shen Group is focused in the South-East Asian region specialising in design, development and technology-driven manufacturing. We are building ourselves to be leader in the precision components segment, providing superior capabilities in innovative mould design, fabrication, stamping, injection moulding, surface finishing and sub-assembly. We serve many business sectors including automotive, medical devices & consumables, industrial applications, consumer electronics, office automation, home appliances and aerospace. We aim to partner with customers, providing a one-stop manufacturing solution and accelerating product speed to market.

In order to serve our customers better and remain competitive, Ge-Shen Group continually invests in technical capabilities, automation, infrastructure and staff. We also look to offering services in more locations around the world, broadening our geographical reach.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Ge-Shen Group has a combined workforce of over 1,500 staff across 4 factories located in Malaysia and Vietnam and 1 global sales location in Singapore. Ge-Shen Corporation Berhad is listed on the main market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”).

Mission, Vision and Sustainability


Our priority is to provide innovative and uncompromising quality services to our clients. We are committed to develop human capital and career development opportunities for our people. Ge-Shen Group strives to deliver long term sustainable value-creation for the community and stakeholders of the company.


We are a company that looks forward and embraces change, redesigning ourselves to face tomorrow’s big issues. Our core principals of Integrity, Transparency, Ownership, Respect and Speed continues to guide our growth and maintain our success. We focus on bringing our customers’ ideas to life. Facing highly demanding environments, well-engineered manufacturing solutions are critical for smooth delivery of products to the marketplace.

With our engineering expertise, GS CORP aims to deliver a hassle-free uncompromised experience, letting our customers focus on designing and selling their products.

Our vision is to be a global components manufacturer that provides the best customer experience.


We believe that the Environment, Social and Governance ‘ESG’ aspects of our business are crucial to our success. We strive to create long term value for our customers, employees, communities and shareholders through a careful process driven approach to ESG.


We believe in the principles of environmental stewardship and strictly enforce environmental rules and regulations. We manufacture economically through an internal policy of reducing, reusing and recycling. We are always looking at ways of reducing the consumption of materials and energy.


We understand the importance of community, opportunity and quality of life for our staff. We adhere to international standards, strictly ensuring that we employ no children or forced labour. We believe that by establishing a comfortable and enjoyable working environment, our team will excel.


Good governance is the balance of management executives and an experienced, independent board to ensure that the interests of shareholders and stakeholder are upheld. We remain focused on sustainable growth through sound management decisions.

Our Culture


Maintain high levels of personal and professional values in business interactions and decisions


Uphold honesty and openness without compromising the truth to enable better analysis and decision making


Being responsible and accountable for actions, products, services, decisions and policies made


Respect for the individuals we interact with and the environment that we operate in (internally and externally) and committing to being responsible in all our actions


Accelerating value creation in fulfilling customers’ requirements and business goal

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